The Speaker

Kari Kounkel speaks about a tragic school bus crash, sharing her experiences in the aftermath. She offers unique insight into the circumstances, the business, and the emotion.

Each presentation is customized for the specified audience.

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The Book

Unspoken Sorrow: Whispers From a Broken Heart recounts the story of the school bus accident that occurred in Monticello (MN) on April 10th, 1997.

Read about how the terrible tragedy changed people's lives dramatically.

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The App

JAK the App focuses on minimizing risk, improving student safety, and maximizing efficiency using the most current technology, including GPS.

JAK revolutionizes the school transportation industry, bringing safety to the forefront in a whole new way!

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Witness, Study, Learn, Action

Unspoken Sorrow: Whispers From a Broken Heart takes the reader on a journey through tragedy, loss, knowledge, change, and rebirth.

The author, Kari Hoglund Kounkel, worked in school transportation for thirty years. In 1997, approximately five years into her full-time career, her company experienced a tragic crash between a truck and one of their school buses.

The crash changed Kari's life completely, and increased her passion for school bus safety. Now, twenty years later, she is ready to share what she has learned through this new inspiring and thought-provoking book, speaking opportunities, and a new product that will revolutionize the transportation industry. Book your event now.