And, Now, 21 Years Have Passed

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This week saw another milestone: it’s now been 21 years since the Monticello school bus crash I write about in Unspoken Sorrow.

This last year has been remarkably healing. I think the opportunity to talk to others from this new perspective has helped.

Today, though, I’d like to address the perspective of others.

I wrote my book for my own healing and from my own perspective. It was impossible for me not to write the book. And I’m thankful I completed it and shared it.

There are so many other perspectives though. Mine is only one. I didn’t attempt to tell the story as an impartial observer or omniscient narrator. I told my story, through my own lens.

I have welcomed hearing other perspectives and other stories. I have kept those stories close to my heart during this last year, and treasure all that I’ve heard. Still, those aren’t my stories to tell. If something I hear provides clarification or helps my story, I’ve used it in my final edit. If it truly just belongs to someone else, I have left it out.

I welcome others who want to share.


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