These are the most common questions we receive from customers. If your question does not appear on this page, please contact us at 763.406.9503 or visit our Contact Us page.

What is the price of the book?

The cost of the Kindle book is $9.99 and is available through amazon.com. Hard cover books will be available this summer.

To order the book visit:


What’s your return policy?

When the print versions are available, you may return any of our products--no questions asked--within 30 days of purchase.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

When the print version is available, we will ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries.

Are there other ways to purchase the book?

At this time, only the electronic Kindle version is available. The print version will be available in the summer of 2017.

Can you provide details of Kari's presentations?

Kari's presentations are insightful and engaging. She is available to speak for many different audiences and will cater her talk to her audience. She will provide copies of the book and print materials (the number will depend on the size of the group).

How much do you charge for a presentation?

Rates will be determined by the size of the group, location of the event, and the inclusion of books and workbooks for the event.