Quotes: Maya Angelou

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There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.

From Maya Angelou

We had so many facts related to our bus crash. Fact after fact filled page after page and document after document. We were swimming in facts.

Facts are dry and measurable. Facts are limited in scope – they tell us something, but they explain nothing. There’s no discovery in facts and there’s no creation in facts.┬áNo amount of reasoning or wishing can change a fact. A fact is just… a fact. Facts, in fact, just are. And, facts can change. I could say today, I have brown hair. In 25 years, my hair may no longer be brown.

Truth, though, is almost the opposite. Truth is discovered and unwrapped, layer by layer. Truth never changes. Truth is eternal. It is immutable. And, facts cannot change truth. When you accept truth, you are thinking expansively, infinitely.

My focus on facts belied my need to understand the truth. I kept thinking there was a fact we could find that would make sense of all that had happened. I was obsessive about finding the truth by studying the facts.

It was an impossible task.


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