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With thirty years experience in school transportation, Kari has knowledge in all areas of the industry. Her passion about school transportation makes her a phenomenal speaker in this area. She greatly enjoys engaging with others and sharing experiences.

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Crisis Response

After experiencing the tragedy of the school bus crash in 1997, Kari spent a great deal of time researching reports and analyzing data. She very eloquently shares the knowledge that she has gained from the devastating experience and the lessons learned.


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With her faith as a cornerstone, Kari wants to raise awareness of school bus safety and how to respond to a terrible incident. Kari openly shares how her faith sustained her through the twenty years of relative silence following the crash in Monticello.

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JAK the App is a comprehensive school bus transportation product that focuses on minimizing risk, improving student safety, and maximizing efficiency using the most current technology, including GPS.

JAK is revolutionizing the school transportation industry, bringing safety to the forefront in a whole new way!

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Crash Docket

The book references a repository of photos, summaries, and other items related to the crash. Those documents are available in our document management system. Some of these documents may be used in presentations depending on the event.


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