Telling Her Story: April 10, 1997

Some of the best speakers are those with a great deal of knowledge, passion, energy, humor, and compassion. These speakers usually have an important story to tell. Kari, the author of Unspoken Sorrow: Whispers From a Broken Heart and creator of JAK the App, is one of those speakers. With more than thirty (30) years of experience in school transportation, involvement with some wonderful highs in the industry and the lowest of lows, Kari is able to provide understanding and great knowledge to the transportation industry. Kari is well-informed in many aspects of the industry: routing, billing, equipment, safety, communication, training, and emergency preparedness.

Beginning in the middle of 2017, Kari will be making presentations at industry-specific meetings across the country. Many industry groups have conferences and meetings throughout the year. We will be using contact information we have accumulated to make these groups aware of Kari’s availability and commitment to improving school transportation.

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